Speaking Appearances

What Does A More Inclusive Humanism Look Like?, AHA 76th Annual Conference (6/9/17)

Addressing the Narrative of Fear, The Humanist Institute (5/27/17)

Examining Identity to Embrace a More Inclusive Humanism, Washington Ethical Society (2/5/17)

The Intersection of Humanism and Social Justice Work, AHA 75th Annual Conference (5/28/16)

What's Race Got to Do With It? Race & Intersectionality in the Atheist Movement, Secular Social Justice 2016 (1/30/16)

Podcast Appearances

WAMU's Interfaith Voices - Leaving the Black Church, and gaining a humanist community (2/28/18)

Focus: faith background, deconversion, cultivating Black humanist culture

RESIST Podcast - Why "whupping" kids is child abuse (6/15/17)

Focus: discussing the reality of child abuse often referred to as "spanking," Dr. Stacey Patton discusses her new book, "Spare the Kids: Why Whupping Children Won't Save Black America."

The Hardcore Skeptic Podcast - Social Justice and Humanism with Sincere Kirabo (5/25/17)

Focus: relationship between social justice and humanism, critical consciousness as praxis, addressing questions/criticisms regarding social justice activism.

RESIST Podcast - Fighting Toxic Masculinity with Sincere Kirabo (4/20/17)

Focus: humanist activism, toxic masculinity, misogynoir, teaching young boys about sexism

The Podunk Polymath Podcast - Episode 18 : Social Justice with Sincere (12/12/16)

Focus: social justice, humanism, involvement at the DAPL Standing Rock camp.

Secular Stories – Interview with Sincere Kirabo (5/29/16)

Focus: The history and social context that brought about the Black Church, growing up in a Pentecostal household, challenges of being a Black atheist, and more.

Gaytheist Manifesto – #67 – Unapologetic Humanism (5/28/16)

Focus: why secular activism matters; organized humanism’s involvement in the social justice movement.

The Humanist Hour #191: Sincere Kirabo on Building Social Justice (3/23/16)

Focus: What social justice and intersectionality mean; ways social media can be used to further social justice causes.

Bi Any Means Podcast #9: Humanism and #BlackLivesMatter (5/15/15)

Focus: Deconversion, Black atheism, Secular Voices of Color, Black Lives Matter, and allyship.

Life After God – Interview with Sincere Kirabo (12/9/15)

Focus: The challenges of pursuing social justice, the progress that is still needed in the secular community, and the false dichotomy between safe spaces and freedom of speech.

The Humanist Hour #130: Sincere Kirabo on the Complex Issues of Ferguson, Part 2 (12/24/14)

Focus: Breaking down the what and why behind Black Lives Matter; divisions within the atheist movement.

Quotes and Mentions

This Week In White Atheism, HuffPost (6/6/17)

Clergy who don’t believe in organized religion? Humanists think 2017 is their time to grow., The Washington Post (3/30/17)

Answering the urge to volunteer, Wall Street Journal (1/26/17)

Black atheists matter: How an increasingly vocal group of freethinkers is taking on religion, Raw Story (12/2/16)

What It’s Like to Be Black and Atheist, The Daily Beast (11/20/16)

Is talk of privilege 'lunacy'? On Richard Dawkins, skepticism, and certainty, Religion News Service (12/10/14)

“We are the ones we have been waiting for."

- June Jordan