“The role of the artist is exactly the same as the role of the lover. 

If I love you, I have to make you conscious of the things you don’t see.”

- James Baldwin

Sincere's work can be found in various print and digital properties, including The Humanist, The Establishment, Black Youth Project, Everyday Feminism, Huff Post, Role Reboot, Salon, AlternetThe Feminist Wire, and Patheos.

Select Published Works


Tearing Down the Toxic Male Fraternity, The Establishment (11/19/17)

The San Bernardino Shooting Is A Wake-Up Call For Entitled Men, Huff Post (4/12/17)

Men, Wake Up: 3 Types of Toxic Masculinity to Leave Behind in 2017, Everyday Feminism (1/8/17)

Why Black Men Participate in Misogynoir – And 3 Ways We Can Fight Against It, Everyday Feminism (10/17/16)

Race & Racism

What Exploiting a Whitewashed MLK Says About You, The Humanist (1/15/18)

Three Ways Black Veganism Challenges White Supremacy, Black Youth Project (10/23/17)

Why Your Criticisms of Intersectionality and Identity Politics Sound Ridiculous, The Establishment (9/9/17)

Why White America Demonizes the #BlackLivesMatter Movement — And Why That Must Change, The Establishment (4/6/16)

4 Common Lies You Should Stop Believing About Black Single Mothers Right Now, Everyday Feminism (1/2/16)

Belief, Humanism & Atheism

Checking Humanism’s Privilege and Pulse, The Humanist (5/4/18)

You Keep Using That Word..., The Humanist (7/24/17)

Is Humanism The Answer?, The Humanist (6/21/17)

7 Personal Rights That I – A Black Atheist – Deserve, Everyday Feminism (5/18/16)

Why You Sound Ridiculous Claiming Religiosity is a Mental Defect, Patheos (9/16/15)

“We are the ones we have been waiting for."

- June Jordan